What do we do at Andgate Systems?

02 November 2021

Welcome to Andgate Systems! We are a full stack IT agency, providing flexible website, IT and Marketing Services for your business. With an easy onboarding process and friendly team, we will take the stress away of getting online, below we have included information on each of our service and what we can offer you.

IT Support
We understand that a secure and working IT network is important to you and your business, we can offer you IT support with our friendly and helpful team, we are only a phone call away to put your mind at ease and help you with any of your IT issues. We have Fully managed IT Support, remote it support, it supports and security and cloud services.

-We will firstly listen to your business requirements as you know what you want for your business, we will take your needs to tailor your solution.

-once we know what you need, we will work with you to get the right products in the right place.

-we will then implement your network infrastructure with minimal impact, your website will be deployed when testing is complete.

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At Andgate Systems we have in-depth knowledge of print, design and imagery that ensures we put your products in the best light. With pro-active, innovative campaigns focused on your products and services, we believe we have the full package to create high quality content about your business. We also have knowledge on website and social media marketing and email marketing.

For our website and social media marketing, we have two packages. The first package we offer is the ‘News Package’, here you get engaging content, quality images, regular posts, a dedicated account manager, 4 posts a month on social media accounts (1 per week) and 1-2 blogs per month on your website.

Our second package we offer is our ‘News Plus Package’, here you can get; engaging content, quality images, regular posts, dedicated account manager, 8 posts a month on social media accounts ( 2 per week) and 2-4 blogs per month on your website.

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Website Services
We are proud to offer two viable ways to get your business online. Firstly, we have our fully managed website service. This includes email, website hosting, digital marketing and an SSL certificate, all rolled into one service that is affordable to you.

We secondly offer a separate website design service for if you are looking to get your business online, or need a revamp of your existing website, we offer bespoke website services.

Web design is used to create the layout and flow of a website. It involves UX design and graphic design for the best use-friendly experience. In today's web-based world, having a unique web design can make all the difference. We have a team of professional web designers and developers with in-depth knowledge and expertise in creating exceptional designs and strategies.

Our exceptional design services mainly focus on the user experience. We provide the best website design, graphic design, video and animation services.

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Phone Systems

For businesses that want a reliable and future-proof means of communication, a phone system is now consistent, dependable and is an option that you cannot overlook. A phone system will help you keep your business up and running even when a disaster hits.

Our phone system is the perfect match for any sized business which allows powerful call control and clear sound, they are fully flexible and customizable to the needs of your business when you are looking for efficiency and cost savings. Whether you are moving from a traditional phone system, setting up a new enterprise or migrating from an existing IP phone installation, we have the expertise and over 20 years’ experience to ensure a simple transition.

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Software and CRM
We develop the software system you need – its that simple.
-Bespoke Software / CRM systems
-Agile Software Development
-Cross Platform Development
-Software Maintenance

We develop custom software that improves your existing systems and increases business efficiency.Our expert in house development team build tailored solutions to help you do more with your time, improve customer relations and experience and generate more profit for our clients.

We have worked with Blue Chip companies to design and develop an integrated system reducing spreadsheet use and collating a raft of areas for the business such as:
-HR – Timesheets, Expenses, Mileage, Staff management records, On Costs, True day rate calculations, staff appraisals
-Fleet management
-Asset management with quarantine areas
-Project resource allocation and cost captures
-Dedicated Courier Software
We will research your project and setup a project brief prior to sign off so you know exactly what you are getting and what the system will do.

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If you have any queries, please contact us by phone at 0113 534 7123 or by email at sales@andgatesystems.com, we will be more than happy to answer any of your queries.

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