What is VOIP?

Voice Over Internet Protocol. It means voice and multimedia communcations that are delivered via the internet (like Skype & Whatsapp).

Why is a VOIP phone better than a mobile?

Using a VOIP phone can save a lot of money over traditional phone services.
They have superior voice quality to make sure you don't miss anything important.
They are completely scalable, for whatever size your business needs.

Does VOIP include video conferencing?

Yes, dependent on the phone you choose to use. Some have video calling capabilities, while others do not, and we can advise you on which phone would suit your business best.

How will a VOIP phone save me money?

Call charges using VOIP phones are considerably cheaper compared to traditional phone services. Calls within your business are free, and there are no expensive phone lines to install and maintain.

Software & CRM

What is CRM software?

Customer Relationship management is software that allows you to keep track of all commumications between your business and your customers, in one place.

What insights can CRM software give to my business?

A CRM helps businesses keep your customer contacts up to date, manager customer interaction and manage your customer accounts. It is designed to improve your customer relationships.

What are the benefits of CRM software?

Reduced spreadsheet usage.
Timesheets, expenses, mileage & staff management records are all in one place for ease of access.
All our software is made bespoke to your business, nothing will be included if it's not necessary.

IT Services

What is involved in an IT installation process?

The Triple D effect. We Design your network, we Develop your network, we Deliver your network. Making sure that all your systems integrate seamlessly is an essential part of our process.

How do I access support if I have an IT issue?

Contacting support is as easy as picking up the phone, dropping a text or emailing your dedicated team.
sales@andgatesystems.com 0113 856 2951

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