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Phone Systems

  • Clear and Simple Phone systems.

Use a standard phone, a mobile, a tablet or a desktop PC to make quality sounding phone calls at the right price.

Start today and see a smarter way to run your business communications with our flexible and reliable phone system.

Our phone system is the perfect match for any sized business which allows powerful call control and clear sound.

Fully flexible and customisable to the needs of your business when you are looking for efficiency and cost savings.

  • Smart, high quality cloud based phone system
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Simple setup
  • Powerful call control & productivity tools
  • Huge cost savings with unlimited calls for just £16 p/m
  • Real time analytics and system management
  • Keeps your growing business connected
  • Expert support and lifetime warranty
  • Voicemail to email

Whether you are moving from a traditional phone system, setting up a new enterprise or migrating from an existing IP phone installation, we have the expertise and over 20 years experience to ensure a simple transition.

Using our highly reliable business telecoms network, there is no need for customers to invest in complex and expensive onsite hardware. Our services are all delivered from the cloud, and allow everything from handsets to system changes to be controlled from a simple to use web portal.


Install yourself or full installation? If you are technically capable of configuring your network for VoIP, or if you already have a competent IT support technician on site, then self installing your phone system is a good option. click to get some hints and tips from our article on why many self installed VoIP systems often fail. If you are not confident installing handsets yourself, then consider our wifi VoIP phones, which are simple to self install when used with a Draytek router. vivi™ installation engineers cover the Antrim area, so if you would prefer a professional installation of your telephone system then please call us on 0113 534 7123 to arrange a quotation.

Pay Monthly

Pay monthly - With monthly direct debit payments, you don’t need to worry about paying your monthly bill, or buy credit for calls in advance - your payments will be taken automatically every month and you get up to 45 days credit. What’s more, you can log into our online portal to see your live billing information for the month to see exactly who has used the phones the most and how much each call cost, so you are always in charge of your call budgets.

Keep your current number

Move to us and keep your existing phone numbers. Moving to the cloud doesn’t mean you have to loose your valuable business telephone numbers. We can port your numbers to the cloud, so you will keep your business phone numbers and benefit from the full range of VoIP services that we deliver.

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