Customer Relationship Management Software

We develop the software system you need — it's that simple.

Our expert in-house development team build tailored solutions to help you do more with your time. Improving customer relations and experience and generating more profit for your clients.

We develop in today's Agile Software, meaning we can develop software faster, allowing us to meet your requirements efficiently.


Reduce Spreadsheet Usage

No more multiple entries


Improve Efficiency

Pull together information from different sources, into one place


Bespoke Software

A fully tailored system for your business


Responsive Design

Software you can view anywhere, on all your devices

Why Choose Us?

Are you sick of using endless Excel spreadsheets?
Are you tired of the information you need being in a hundred different places?

We have worked with Blue Chip companies to design and develop an integrated system, reducing spreadsheet use and collating a multitude of areas for ease and efficiency.

Here at Andgate we research your project and setup a project brief prior to sign off. So, you know exactly what you are getting and what your system can do for you.

What We Can Do

personalised CRM
  • HR – Timesheets, Expenses, Mileage, Staff management records, On Costs, True day rate calculations, Staff appraisals
  • Fleet management
  • Asset management with quarantine areas
  • Project resource allocation and cost captures
  • Dedicated courier software

What We Can Offer

for your business
  • Bespoke software/ CRM systems
  • Agile software development
  • Cross platform development
  • Software Maintenance
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