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11 July 2022

Do you ever sit and wonder how you can make your business life just that bit more simple? Investing in an effective Customer Relationship Management system is the way forward and we are here to tell you why.

What is CRM? 

A Customer Relationship Management system is an online cloud-based software that allows businesses to have everything in one central space to avoid them using a million different spreadsheets across the board. What does this have to do with managing customer relationships you may ask? Well, all the features of a CRM system lead to improved customer relationships for many reasons. For example, it helps to keep all of your interactions with customers in one place so nothing gets lost in communication. This is particularly helpful in a case where a customer has to go through different customer service channels, it will prevent them from having to repeat themselves therefore resulting in faster and more satisfactory service. 

What are the key features of CRM?

Key features of CRM include:

  • Lead management

  • Efficient communication between employees & management

  • Sharing of files and content

  • Customer interaction tracking

  • Contact management

  • Human resources management

  • Data protection

  • Analytics dashboards

  • Fleet management

  • Asset management with quarantine areas

  • Project resource allocation and cost captures

  • Dedicated courier software

What are the benefits of CRM? 

  • Better knowledge of customers

  • More efficient communication

  • Easier to analyse data

  • Better segmentation of your audience

  • Improved data protection

  • Improved customer retention

What does Andgate Systems have to offer?

  • Bespoke software/ CRM systems

  • Agile software development

  • Cross platform development

  • Software maintenance

We have worked with Blue Chip companies to design & develop an integrated system that reduces your spreadsheet use and collates a multitude of areas for ease and efficiency. Here at Andgate we research your business and set up a project brief prior to sign-off. This ensures that you know exactly what you're getting and what your system can do for you. 

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