The New IT!

09 September 2020
A lot has changed in the last six months from what we remember and what we need now. The way the whole world now uses IT technology to connect, share and transfer information..

At the start of the year we are all heading to the office to meat up with work colleagues and go about our day to day, sharing a coffee and sitting side by side at our desks. Since the lockdown came in things have changed. We are working remotely from the office, talking to colleagues through a video screen and doing work from online servers.

All this raises many questions. Now I am online are my files secure? Should I be looking for cyber security? How do I use an online server? Can I connect to my computer at work from home? How do I use video conferencing?
Some people have taken to these like a duck to water, but some have struggled. That’s where we come in. Not to break your bank with expensive IT Support costs, but with cost effective IT Support that you can rely on to connect you, support you and secure you.

We still don’t know what the new normal will look like or when things will become anything like what we remember, if at all. The NEW IT is here today, and we have to adapt to a new way of working.
A lot has changed. Let us help you with that change.

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