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17 December 2020

During the second national lockdown a lot of businesses have had to close apart from those select businesses such as restaurants, cafes and pubs that can operate as a takeaway.

At Andgate we love helping others succeed online, we are now creating a new takeaway menu for pubs. These takeaway menus will be created for pubs that currently do not offer takeaway as these menus will be perfect during lockdown to help your business gain a profit during these hard times whilst also gaining new customers. Takeaway menus are perfect for showing customers what food you sell in an organised layout.

It is no secret that during lockdown a lot of people are ordering food as it makes us all feel a lot happier and takes the day-to-day stress of having to decide what to cook for tea, a takeaway is having restaurant quality food from home! During the first lockdown in fact there was a significant rise in takeaways in just the first half of 2020.Pub menus can offer you a variety of different, tasty foods including fish and chips, burgers, and sausages with mash- you can even have alcohol delivered with your takeaway.

Contact us today for more information on the takeaway menus we can create for you! Our brilliant team will be more than happy to answer any question you may have. Call us by phone at 020 8058 2995 or by email at sales@andgatesystems.com.


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