Microsoft Teams

17 December 2020

With more businesses having to work from home with the new government guidelines it is now more important than ever to stay connected with colleagues in the business. At Andgate we know that video conferencing during these unprecedent times is important, video conferencing allows businesses to be able to talk face-to-face with staff and call clients allowing you to still have face-to-face communication that you would regularly have in your business. At Andgate we can set you up with Microsoft Teams.

At Andgate we can set you and your business up with Microsoft Teams, it is a business communication platform created by Microsoft. Teams allows groups to join through a specific URL or a meeting invitation by a team administrator, on Teams you can have face-to-face meetings, call other members and be able to message them too. Teams improves employee communication, productivity and teamwork as it integrates all forms of collaboration into one. Teams is the perfect system for working at home, if you are a business looking to get set up with Teams but have over 300 users then there will be a pricing structure implemented as this moves up to an enterprise level.

If you have any questions or need help with our Microsoft Teams service then please contact us by phone at 020 8058 2995 or by email at

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