How does a cloud phone work?

27 August 2021

A cloud-based phone system (also known as VOIP) is an internet-based phone system. Below, we have included information on how cloud-based phone systems work.

A cloud-based phone system works over internet rather than a landline, when making a voice call your voice is run from your phones handset through either WIFI or cables that are connected through your WIFI router. Your voice signal will therefore travel through the internet to your cloud-based phone system, when this signal has reached your cloud phone system it is processes and sent back over the internet to something called a PSTN, this is a public switched telephone network that will connect your call to the outside world.

This phone system also works by separating your voice into small digital packets sent as data over the internet to the receiver of the call.

A cloud-based phone system will reduce the costs of local calls up to 40% and reduce international calls by up to 90%, a lot of businesses nowadays are choosing to switch to a cloud-based phone system so why don’t you? Save your business the costs and switch today by contacting us at Andgate today for a quote, we are reachable by phone (0113 856 2951) or by email (

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