Cyber security audit

22 April 2021

Here at Andgate we solve your IT problems quickly as we know that they can arise in many forms and can often happen when you were least expecting them. One of the IT support services we offer is our Cyber security audit, below we have included information on how this service works and what it can do for you and your business.

A cyber security audit is where you have a complete review and analysis of your businesses’ IT infrastructure, this is where it will identify threats and vulnerabilities that could be on your infrastructure, it will also expose any possible weaknesses and high-risks. Cyber security audits are important for businesses that have not had their internal or external risks checked, having a secure virus software and various security will ensure that all your important business data is safe.
During the Cyber security audit, we will do a full network scan for vulnerabilities, security holes and take a full inventory of the network to see exactly what they have in place, so that we can also make recommendations for performance and security improvements.
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