Cyber Security: Is your business safe?

19 December 2022


Did you know that cyber attacks have increased by 167% during the third quarter of 2022? Internet users worldwide have experienced approximately 15 million data breaches. These breaches started rapidly increasing during the 2020 pandemic as cyber criminals were taking advantage of the fact that so many businesses were transitioning to remote workplaces. Before the pandemic, statistics showed that there were 53 hourly victims of online data breaches. In 2020, however, the number of hourly victims almost doubled to 90. 2 years later and cyber attacks are still a prevalent problem for businesses. 

The most common cyber crime at the moment is phishing. Last year, almost 330,000 people became victims of phishing. We also saw the exposure of nearly 1 billion emails. This affected 1 in 5 internet users. 

Data breaches are extremely costly to businesses. In 2021, the global average hourly cost of data breaches stood at almost $800,000 ($787,671 to be precise). In 2022, data breaches are the most costly they’ve ever been, averaging at $4.35 million. 

Now, we have a couple questions to ask you after reading this:

Does your business handle sensitive information?

Are your systems secured from penetration?

Have you checked if your business is vulnerable to cyber attacks?

Think about these questions then consider booking a FREE cyber security consultation with us at Andgate Systems. We work with the best specialists in the UK; all of whom are ex military & OGA. 

Be safe, be secure, be smart. 

When it comes to cyber, choose the best; choose Andgate. 

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