Custom CRM Systems

20 April 2020

Custom CRM Systems

Does your company or organisation need a CRM system?

A CRM system provides a secure central place to store business information. This could be customer interactions, track orders or projects, manage staff, business locations or indeed any business function that requires data sharing. This information can be inputted by authorised staff from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Sharing data across departments efficiently through a CRM system saves countless email attachments, phone calls and physical note taking thus saves time and money. Our bespoke systems can be managed so only authorised individuals can see what they are supposed to see and comply fully with data protection and confidentiality.

As made to measure our systems can include any combination of the following:

Customer details

Invoice details / Price lists / Quotes / Deliver Addresses. All customer interactions or contacts logged in one place.

Staff Details

Personnel info / time sheets / expenses / absences / holidays / qualifications. Available for line managers or payroll staff to quickly access.

Special Projects

Information for sensitive specific projects can be shared between authorised users in one central place.

Site Locations

Specific documents / details of business locations / risk assessments and works carried out.


Ticketing system for call outs or customer support.


Company policies / actions / procedures.

No extra fields or bloated software you never use. Our bespoke systems ease work flow and ensure your staff have the information always need increasing productivity and end customer satisfaction. With a well put together CRM system there is likelihood of missing important data or a sales opportunity.


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