Cloud Based Phone System

23 June 2021

At Andgate we now offer cloud-based phone systems (also known as VOIP phone systems).

A cloud-based phone system can also be known as an internet-based phone system or a VOIP(voice over internet protocol).
These phone systems run over the internet rather than a landline. A cloud-based phone system works by using a group of phones that will work together to route all your calls through your internet connection, this is a more cost-effective method since landline phones are more expensive because of various costs to keep them running because of maintenance costs. 
There are many benefits to your business when choosing to go with a cloud-based phone system, it firstly costs less which saves your business a lot of money, it offers many different beneficial features such as: voicemail to email, call forwarding, music on hold, unlimited users, auto attendant menu system and live billing.
Save your business money and switch to a cloud-based phone system today! 
At Andgate we are now offering cost effective cloud (VOIP) phone systems. Contact us by phone at 0113 856 2951 or by email at, we will be more than happy to answer any of your queries about cloud phone systems. 
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