Business Spotlight

02 June 2021

 Introducing our ‘Business spotlight’ !

Here at Andgate we wanted to showcase all of the amazing small businesses out there and give them our support as due to the Corona Virus sadly a lot of businesses have ultimately suffered. We wanted to spread positivity and show off all of the talented small businesses out there!

For our business spotlight this month we wanted to showcase ‘Abbie Art & Textiles’, she creates personalised textile crafts which make great gifts for your friends and family or even something a little different for your home! Go check out her Facebook here: and her instagram here: so you can contact her about her services and see all of the amazing work she does!

Abbie’s work ranges from memory bears, blankets and cushions, to alterations and repairs, she creates products that are of high and amazing quality!

If you would like to be involved in our business spotlight contact us on our social media platforms ( Instagram, facebook and Linkedin) @Andgatesystems.

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