Phone Systems

07 October 2021

For businesses that want a reliable and future-proof means of communication. A Phone System is now consistent, dependable and is an option that you can't afford to overlook.

A Phone System represents a low cost and hassle-free communication option to suit all types of businesses. Adopting this type of telephone system allows a business to reduce or remove a variety of costs that are associated with traditional business landlines. Call charges are often much lower, and businesses won’t need to pay for multiple phone lines or lots of hardware.

At the simplest level, a Phone System is a way of transmitting voice calls over IP networks and is a way of making phone calls using an internet connection, rather than making a call using a landline.

It is still relatively new technology. The idea has been around for a while, but refinements and improvements are still ongoing. Those improvements – together with advances in internet connections – are key. They make phone systems more relevant today than ever before and the system has developed to the point that its advantages significantly outweigh its drawbacks.

The agility of a phone system fits perfectly with the modern, mobile workforce. It makes remote working or working on the move much easier. It also helps any businesses with multiple offices or locations.

A phone system will reduce the costs of local calls up to 40% and reduce international calls by up to 90%, a lot of businesses nowadays are choosing to switch to a phone system so why don’t you? Save your business the costs and switch today by contacting us at Andgate today for a quote, we are reachable by phone (0113 856 2951) or by email (

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