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23 March 2020

Working from Home 101

Before COVID-19 disrupted our working patterns, remote working had been in place to allow workers a change to continue their day job. This however has now be come a necessity for many workplaces to continue functioning during this Lockdown Period.

For many of us, work must go on. Being able to access the office remotely, to access files, resources, desktop machines and servers, is key to keeping the business running smoothly.
Also by having a robust communication system for calls and video calling in place allows meetings to go ahead as planned and key decisions still to be made.

At Andgate Systems we are specialists in the setup of remote working and Cloud services, that can get you connected online and working quickly.

contact us today by phone at 0113 534 7123 or by email at and we will go through your requirements and options available for a smooth set up.